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Updated Jan 17, 2022


Cook County Public Health COVID-19 Surveillance Data

Covid 19 CookCounty 2022 01Jan 17

Covid 19 CookCounty CasesGraph 2023 01Jan 17

Cook County Medical Examiner Data

Covid 19 CookCounty2 2022 01Jan 17



Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Data

Covid 19 IL 2022 01Jan 17

Illinois Department of Health Covid-19 Testing Sites

Covid 19 IL TestingSites 2022 01Jan 17

Illinois State Overview by John Hopkins University of Medicine
As of Jan 17, 2022

Covid 19 IL JohnHopkins 2022 01Jan 17


US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Data

Covid 19 USA 2022 01Jan 17

Death rates per 100,000 populations.

Covid 19 USA byState 2022 01Jan 17

Total vaccinations for the US populations by age groups.
As of Jan 17, 2022

Covid 19 USA Vaccinations 2022 01Jan 17


World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Data Website:

Covid 19 World 2022 01Jan 17


Our World in Data COVID-19 Statistics

Vaccination Rates Around the World
Coronavirus (COVID-19) US government information on Symptoms, social distancing, risk factors, FAQ, vaccinations, testing, variants, etc.  published by the White House, CDC and FEMA Covid-19 CDC, FEMA, WhiteHouse Info CDC COVID-19 Screening Tool website information on all government services. Here is information to everything that is Covid-19 related:
Covid 19 GovernmentInfo2 2022 01Jan Covid-19 pandemic impacted everyone financially. The US government and the IRS have issued a number of new tax laws to help taxpayers financially. All of them can be found on the IRS website devoted to Covid-19 related legislatures: Covid 19 GovernmentInfo3 2022 01Jan

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